Well, Hello There

A collection of lovely things

Just because this has come up in conversation a lot recently - here is a #transformationtuesday of my natural hair color. 14-years-old, before the many, many years of red.

Handwritten notes are one of my very most favorite things, especially when they are a surprise. It doesn’t matter how detailed they are or how simple. They all mean the same to me. Here’s a late #momcrushmonday & an early #wcw


Gone(Fuel/Friends Chapel Session) - The Head and the Heart

these days roll sleepily by
i can hear the old train’s cry
there will always be a moon
pulling me away from you
you’re gone

(via insomnevida)

Lost in the city of angels,

down in the comfort of strangers,

I found myself in the fire burned hills,

in the land of a billion lights